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Choosing Your Media

When it comes to planning your marketing campaign, the Media is the easiest decision to make of the three considerations – Market. Message. Media.

But it can still be confusing due to all the options we have available these days to deliver our message.

Deciding on the best option or options for your marketing campaigns is much easier once you have defined your market and created the message you want to get to them.


Ep#18 – Using Audio in your marketing mix

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This week on the Local Social Business Show the boys are going to give you all of the info you need to start your very own podcast TODAY!


In fact if you listen right to the end, Alistair is going to share with you a very powerful yet exceptionally simple way to podcast right from your mobile phone. 

If you can talk into your phone and send an email, then you are over qualified to do it.

Check out the show notes below, to see what you are going to learn….


Why you should be using audio

  • fast
  • easy
  • personality
  • Can be repurposed for other platforms – transcribe for blog post, add slides for video

Downsides (Get past these two and you are set to go)

  • Scary
  • Everyone hates their voice


  • Personality
  • Can be a lot of fun
  • Literally giving you a voice
  • Practice for your big interview on radio or tv
  • Your competition won’t be doing it, so you will stand out and be seen as the expert
  • Make it downloadable people can listen whilst walking, in the car etc

Tools to get you started today


Creating audio when mobile (The best place to start)

What to talk about

Real world: Fitness instructor

  • quick tips and thoughts – success stories
  • Full podcast – training techniques, how to keep motivated


  • Be yourself, talk like you are chatting to a friend
  • Two people if possible, makes it more interesting
  • Tie your message into stories
  • Don’t caught up in the technical side of it, creating quality content is the key
  • How Alistair did it in 2 minutes flat


Testing: Can you post a podcast direct to Posterous using ‘Say it mail it’?

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Here’s my podcast test

Ep#15 – The Four levels of communication

What is the quality of your communication

Few people become wealthy in a vacuum or simply off their resources. Your wealth will come from the time, talent, interest and resources of those around you.

Our ability to communicate is the key to our success.

Ep_15_-_local_social_(4_levels_of_communication).mp3 Listen on Posterous

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

4 levels of communication

1. Exchange

This is people chatting or complaining without actually talking about anything in particular or coming to anything of value. We all love to exchange but it doesn’t contribute to our succes

  • Not positioning you
  • No one is really learning anything
  • Small talk and fluff

2. Connect

  • Connecting attracts more relationships and cooperation.
  • Connecting creates meaning and value in our relationships.

They are great team players.

  •  Start of a relationship
  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Keeps you motivated someone to hold you accountable
  • Leverage multiple amounts of knowledge

3. Motivate

  • Motivators create focus and direction that others can relate to.
  • Motivating others creates connection and momentum.

They become leaders.

  • You become the teacher

4. Inspire

These people have a goal, plan or vision that is bigger than them. They enable others to see their vision and empower them to achieve it.

To inspire is to be leader of leaders.

  •   Even leaders want leadership


Action steps:

  • Where are you on this scale?
  • Who do you need to connect with -> We are all on a ladder
  • Tribes


This one tip can make your business cards stand out (literally)

99% of business cards are the same. Same size, same shape.

Most businesses focus on two things to
Attempt to make their card stand out – colour and design.

But, there is one sense that very few business cards appeal to – touch!

Appealing to touch activates another sense in your recipient’s brain, increasing the likely hood they will remember you.

An excellent way to appeal to touch which also looks great is creative embossing of your cards.

Check out 58 more clever attention-grabbing. Examples of embossed business cards over on Web designer wall:

How to create more effective advertisements

“Roughly six times as many people read the average article as the average advertisement. Very few advertisements are read more more than one reader in twenty.” – David Ogilvy, in Ogilvy on Advertising

This statement was written in the 1980’s, but I think it is even more true now.

If articles are being read 6 times more that advertisements, maybe we should spend more time, effort and money, creating articles than ads. Or at the very least, making our ads more like the news and information that people love to read.

If only we had a word for that… ahem Content Marketing!

Awesome sticker designs and clever marketing

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