Content is King – Where to start with content marketing

by thefullnoise

We have all heard over and over again that ‘Content is King’. For marketing online or off, the more content you produce the more visible you become in your market. AND the greater control you have on where you are positioned in the market.The question that arises is What kind of Content and where should you start?

Here are some great pointers from



the Duct Tape Marketing blog. I recommend jumping over to read the full list, but here are a couple.

  • Blog – Yes, I think a blog is the absolute starting point for your content strategy because it makes content production, syndication and sharing so easy. The search engines love blog content as well and this is the place where you can organize a great deal of your editorial thinking. Content produced on a blog can easily be expanded and adapted to become content for articles, workshops and ebooks.
  • Social media – The first step in the social media content game is to claim all the free opportunities to create social media profiles on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but also in Business Week, Entrepreneur and Inc magazine communities. Building rich profiles, and optimizing links, images and videos that point back to your main site is an important part of the content as strategy play.

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