How to market your small business on Facebook- 3 newish tools

by thefullnoise

Success with marketing your small business on Facebook, is more than "build it and they will come"… For true success, you need to engage your audience and give them cool information and reasons to interact with your business.

In recent weeks and months, Facebook has introduced and improved a number of on-site tools that sage brands and businesses can use to better market themselves. Even the simplest of tools such as “Likes” and photos could serve as a catalyst for a viral network effect. Of course, there’s also opportunity to be had with more calculated efforts around Place Pages, Questions and the New Groups.

Here are some important tools in your Facebook marketing arsenal to help you engage your fans:

The new improved photos features
With enhanced features, photos are a great way to tell a story. Used creatively with tagging they can really increase engagement.

Facebook groups
The new groups are interesting for Business. They could be used for feedback and discussion of events, or even for special deals for your best customers.

Facebook places
Connect you real world business to your online Facebook profiles. Encourage your customers to tell their friends that they are your customer.

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