How to get the conversation started in Social media marketing

by thefullnoise

Create some content

Show it to some people

Create some more content


Social media potentially levels the playing field for small businesses trying to market online. We have the same opportunity to publish information and promote events as the big boys do. BUT for large brands, there is normally already a conversation happening about them online. All they have to do is connect and engage with that existing conversation.

For small businesses, it is less likely there is an existing conversation. We need to spend more time and effort getting the conversation started.

As articulated by Jay Baer:

content marketing becomes steadily more important for brands that don’t have existing social chatter.

If they’re not talking about you, it’s up to YOU to create content that gets them talking.

Standing in the corner at a party waiting for someone to talk to you is never going to work… Go find someone to talk to and tell them about yourself.

Three places to start with content:

  1. Answer people's common questions (specific)
  2. Teach them something about your industry (general)
  3. Promote them (reciprocity)

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