Facebook gets more traffic than Google – MUCH more!

by thefullnoise

Still think Social media is a waste of time and won't help you with your business marketing?

Check out this Stat from hitwise.com:

1 in 4 page views in the US took place on Facebook.com for the week ending November 13, 2010.

Yes, that says 25% of all web page views were on Facebook.com25%!!! (24.7% actually) And for some comparison, the second most viewed website in the US is Youtube.com with a massive 6.39%.

You no longer have any option – Your business has to be on Facebook to get any attention. The nice thing is Facebook is a great place to be to build relationships with your customers.

A website is still important to retain ownership of your content, but you have to be on Facebook for distribution and community engagement.

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