How to reduce Internet fiddling and become more productive

by thefullnoise

I just came Across this I an excellent post by Seth Godin. Essentially he suggests having different spaces for you activities. In particular one computer for only productive work. Here are his thoughts:

The two-device solution

Simple but bold: Only use your computer for work. Real work. The work of making something.

Have a second device, perhaps an iPad, and use it for games, web commenting, online shopping, networking… anything that doesn’t directly create valued output (no need to have an argument here about which is which, which is work and which is not…

The funny thing is I started doing this a few months ago to ensure when I sat down to work I get stuff done. I relegated all social media and consumption of media to my iPhone. (actually I’m sending this post from my iPhone).

It has two additional benefits.

  1. There’s only so much web surfing you can do on a phone so I seem to be considerably more efficient at it, than lazily surfing on my desktop.

  2. I can consume and connect online in those small amounts of time you often find whoever standing inlines or waiting for someone else.

Try it out yourself.

I recommend reading Seth’s full post “Are you making something?”