Why should I follow you? Exactly what are you offering?

by thefullnoise

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The boys have hit the ground running this year and cranked out the second podcast already.

Take a look through the show notes below to see what they covered….

  • Why should I follow or like you – turn yourself into someone worth following

  • Mind shift – Stop thinking about what is in it for you and start thinking about what you are giving your fans.

  • What are you willing to give people to follow you. –

  • Keep Producing (and sharing) content (A cover band never changed the world)

  • Oh yeah, SM isn’t free. it costs time and effort. (The platform may be free, but the marketing and interaction isn’t)

  • We go out of our way to read, watch or listen to some people (lets call them authorities or market leaders) – Why?

  • Ed Dale, Frank kern, Andy Jenkins, Brian Clarke, Chris Farrell, Tales from the tinny… Gordon Ramsay, David Attenborough, Your local Newspaper


  • How to be someone people WANT to like, getting people to go out of there way to make sure they don’t like your content

Below are the resources mentioned in the show…


Ideas for creating content (stories)

Dale Carnegie quote on Pinterest

Ed Dale says it takes 12 months to become a leader in a Niche why would you put that time in?


Bloggers are influencers Social Media Examiners (250-1000 times a day)  Shani Higgins Technorati


<p>Blogging Trends for 2012: What You Need to Know from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.</p>