Ep#8 Christmas in April & Underwater Dog Photography

by thefullnoise

Christmas in April! I know what you must be thinking, the boys are out of their minds!

Now we aren’t, in fact if you don’t want to held over the barrel and charged premium price for your advertising this Christmas, then you better listen to this episode right now!

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You see most businesses leave it far too late to have any sort of a successful Christmas promotion. But that isn’t going to happen to you this year because what you are going to learn in this episode is how to build your own list of Red Hot Buyers that you have already primed ready to go when you decide to release your Christmas offers.

As well as learning how to test and tweak your offers long before your competition even starts thinking about Christmas, we are going to teach you how to target and corner your own Niche just like Underwater Dog Photography.

When you combine your Niche with a yearly marketing calendar, you are going to find yourself with an ongoing list of offers that your market just can’t resist!

As Beanie heard Pete Godfrey say on Facebook recently….

If you want to make more money, make more offers, more often!

You can check out Under Water Dog Photography here to get  a handle on what we are talking about!