EP#9 Social Media is a team sport

by thefullnoise

So a Kiwi, a Pom & and an Aussie walk into a bar.

Actually they all did a podcast together, but just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Stop it Beanie, get on with the post.

Things are really starting to ramp up on the Local Social Business Show podcast, and this week we were very fortunate to have our very first guest, Kate From Kate Coote P.A. Plus.

The theme for the show was Social Media is a team sport, well actually not just Social Media but business in general is a team sport.

Today we will give you some key strategies that you can take away and use immediately to find yourself a team of quality business owner to work with which in turn is going to give you exposure to a much wider audience, with the aim of growing your business.

We also take a look at a number of real life case studies where businesses are working together to generate more leads and sales, as well as drive down their marketing costs, all by working a whole lot smarter.

And of course at the end of the podcast is some action steps to get you started building your own team.

So grab a coffee (or beer) set aside a good hour to listen and get an action plan together, and we will speak soon.

ep9-local-social-business-show.mp3 Listen on Posterous


Just before we go, a huge thank you to Kate Coote for being our first ever guest on the show! 

Some links from the show:

You can find Kate online at the following places

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