Ep#10 A picture is worth 1000 words

by thefullnoise

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If you want more interaction on your Facebook Business Page, then we have some great news for you!

There is a quick and easy way to make it happen, and yes you can do it today!

;In this episode we take a look at some testing that we both personally performed with images, where in some cases our interactions increased 100% on our Facebook Pages.

I know what you are thinking! I can’t take a photo to save myself. Don’t worry we have you covered.

The good news is that there are numerous filter options that you can use to make an ordinary photo STAND OUT.

But uploading pictures is all well and good, what we really want to know is can we turn these interactions into leads, and cashflow?

After all it’s no good just throwing up random photo’s and hoping for the best, you want to get some results right?

Well you are going to have to work to a plan, and have a very specific purpose for the photo’s you upload.

Anyway we cover all of this and a whole lot more on the show. So grab a beer, coffee or what ever else you drink, and get ready to take some notes. Because this show is jam packed full of ideas you can use today!

;Below are the notes from the show with all of the resources and links mentioned


Alternative traffic is becoming very important, check this post the parasite killing your business.

The Parasite killing your business


Facebook Photo Interactions

Whenever new sites like Pinterest appear, people go oh no something new I have to learn. You might need to learn a few new tech things, but these same principles always apply

  • Don’t just Follow or Like anybody
  • Stay on topic, the more narrow your focus the better
  • Quality beats quantity
  • Add Value

Only share, share worthy content

As always we bring these Social Marketing Ideas back to a real world bricks and mortar business.

This is how it would work for a…. Wait for it, it’s highly exciting… Panel beaters

Content – what to share

  • Car shows
  • Tricky jobs
  • Educate, area’s prone to rusting
  • Unexpected
  • Behind the scenes
  • Comics
  • Inspirational quotes

How to make images – where to get?

Note – be cool. Don’t steal other peoples images (attribution)


Doesn’t have to be a photo – Screenshots, drawings, slides, infographics, QR codes

Tools to create captures – Jing, skitch, Computer has a “print screen” option,

Mobile camera – take heaps of pictures

Oatmeal blog, like infographic – The Oatmeal Blog


How to use photo’s as a lead generation tool

  • Post blog and then share the image from the post
  • Pinterest, pin from your blog with the link back, be specific and stay on topic.

Smart Phone Apps for taking Photo’s

  • Instagram
  • Awesome Photo
  • Flickr

Sharing blog posts on Facebook (esp infographics) by taking a screenshot of the main image and add the page link to the photo description.

Services (where to share)

Website or blog


Alternatives to Picnik