Is your clever advertising costing you business?

by thefullnoise

I remember a few years ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend who was describing a tv ad to me. We were laughing discussing how it was sucha great, entertaining concept that anybody who watched tv at the time would remember.

My firend said it was one of the best ads he’d ever seen.

But, I asked one simple question which turned the whole conversation upside down:

Who is the ad marketing?

Neither of us knew who the hell the company was, or what they sold. (turns out it was for the local lottery).

The takeaway from this post? Forget about ‘creativity’ and make sure your marketing talks to your target market and tells them what you sell and how to get it!

The only awards a successful marketer needs is are sales.

I love this infographic by Copyblogger

If it Doesn't Sell ...
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