Ep#13 – The Power of Video for Social Media Marketing

by thefullnoise

Something a bit different this time… If you follow us closely your may have already seen us post this episode.

Because this episode is all about using video for your social media marketing, we went and recorded it live on a Google hangout. So you can choose to either watch us on the YouTube video below, or listen to us here or iTunes.

Ep13-video-for-social-media-marketing.mp3 Listen on Posterous

The best thing about this episode is the video has already proven many of hte points that we make in the podcast. Especially the SEO benefits… Just look at these screen shots:

We got to the first page of Google for these keywords in a few hours. And these are for keywords with 10’s and even 100’s of milions of competing web pages. As of toady (a day after the hangout) we are ranking on the third page for “Video for Social Media Marketing” with 974,000,000 competing global results.



  • SEO
    • Ranks much easier than a website
    • less competition
    • Your competition isn’t doing it
  • Social
    • Position you as an authority
    • Makes you real (personality)
    • build goodwill
  • Leverage

What content to create?

  • Teach
    • Product Knowledge
    • Advanced usage (Camera’s)
    • how to
  • Sales videos
    • Results in advance/launch tied in with yearly marketing calendar
    • Even a simple product review/description
  • Behind the scenes, meet our team
    • Personalize – humor, not all stuffy,

Video marketing ideas for our Electrician example

  • What you can and can’t do yourself (legally and safety)
  • Unsafe practices to avoid
  • What light bulbs to use where
  • Seasonal power saving tips