Marketing online? Here’s where to get the best results

by thefullnoise

I totally agree with this statement:

Twenty years after the Internet first went mainstream, most businesses have yet to take full advantage of the most fundamental opportunity it has created for them.

This excellent article at Fast Company, explains how businesses are using the internet the same as they always used traditional media… Primarily buying access to eyeballs and pushing information adn offers at them.

Their web marketing is just tacked on the side of theirttraditional marketing strategy.

Fast Company highlight two ways to use the unique opportunity of the web to build relationships with customers, and where to focus your efforts.

Direct selling – Gives higher margins and a better understanding of what your customers actually want. You need to consider the benefits to the customer of buying online vs offline.

Marketing direct – Having a direct connection to your end customers with no middleman gives you more control of your brand. The article argues that it is vitally important that you build your own platform (website, blog or apps) rather than depending purely on a third party like Facebook.

Read the full article here.