Ep#15 – The Four levels of communication

by thefullnoise

What is the quality of your communication

Few people become wealthy in a vacuum or simply off their resources. Your wealth will come from the time, talent, interest and resources of those around you.

Our ability to communicate is the key to our success.

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Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

4 levels of communication

1. Exchange

This is people chatting or complaining without actually talking about anything in particular or coming to anything of value. We all love to exchange but it doesn’t contribute to our succes

  • Not positioning you
  • No one is really learning anything
  • Small talk and fluff

2. Connect

  • Connecting attracts more relationships and cooperation.
  • Connecting creates meaning and value in our relationships.

They are great team players.

  •  Start of a relationship
  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Keeps you motivated someone to hold you accountable
  • Leverage multiple amounts of knowledge

3. Motivate

  • Motivators create focus and direction that others can relate to.
  • Motivating others creates connection and momentum.

They become leaders.

  • You become the teacher

4. Inspire

These people have a goal, plan or vision that is bigger than them. They enable others to see their vision and empower them to achieve it.

To inspire is to be leader of leaders.

  •   Even leaders want leadership


Action steps:

  • Where are you on this scale?
  • Who do you need to connect with -> We are all on a ladder
  • Tribes