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Marketing online? Here’s where to get the best results

I totally agree with this statement:

Twenty years after the Internet first went mainstream, most businesses have yet to take full advantage of the most fundamental opportunity it has created for them.

This excellent article at Fast Company, explains how businesses are using the internet the same as they always used traditional media… Primarily buying access to eyeballs and pushing information adn offers at them.

Their web marketing is just tacked on the side of theirttraditional marketing strategy.

Fast Company highlight two ways to use the unique opportunity of the web to build relationships with customers, and where to focus your efforts.

Direct selling – Gives higher margins and a better understanding of what your customers actually want. You need to consider the benefits to the customer of buying online vs offline.

Marketing direct – Having a direct connection to your end customers with no middleman gives you more control of your brand. The article argues that it is vitally important that you build your own platform (website, blog or apps) rather than depending purely on a third party like Facebook.

Read the full article here.


Ep#14 – What the hell is Twitter? A newbies guide to tweeting like a Pro

What the hell is Twitter and why should I use it for my business?

Ep_14_-_Local_Social.mp3 Listen on Posterous

If only we had a dollar for every time we heard a business owner say that, we wouldn’t need to sell anything online! Lol

Seriously, if you don’t understand Twitter, or you are using it and getting no results, the problem will be the way you are using it.

Now I am not blaming you, because you have more than likely been given the wrong information.

Actually this is one of my rants, but for a very good reason…

There is so much garbage out there about how to use Twitter that it is a wonder anyone uses it properly at all. Today we are going to unveil for you the correct way to use Twitter for a small business owner.

It isn’t going to take you hours per day or anything like that, in fact we are going to show you one simple strategy that requires no effort on your part at all once you set it up.

Start using Twitter the way we show you today and you will quickly brand yourself as the go to expert for information in your local market. And once you are branded as the expert guess what is going to happen next?

That’s right people are going to come to buy from you first!

This is what you will discover by listening to the podcast…

  • Why you should be using Twitter as part of your marketing plan, and how to get maximum benefit from the time you invest.
  • Who to follow ( I doubt you have been taught this)
  • What to Tweet about to build your presence as the expert in your market.
  • What are hashtags and how to use them effectively so that you show up in the search results.
  • Why lists are absolutely critical to saving you an enormous amount of time on Twitter.
  • Tools to manage Twitter, so that it doesn’t manage you!
  • How to use Twitter to get print media to promote your business

And a whole lot more that we both wish we knew before we started out on Twitter!


How to become a NET genius in your market


Quick lesson on ‘viral’ marketing


First snow of the winter biggest I remember in Blenheim

New Facebook camera app – first impressions

And yet another Facebook app is realised for iOS.

After the release of the ‘Pages‘ app in the last few days, this most recent app came as a bit of a supirse for me at least. Obviously it has been in the works for quite some time and is in no small part related to the aqquisition of Instagram.

I personally think the Instagram purchase was a defensive move more than anything.

So how is the app?

Fisrt impressions – It’s good. It seems to have had more thought go into it than any of the other Facebook apps.

I was a little suprised for some reason to open straight into a stream of all the photo’s from my personal facebook feed. I{‘m not sure what I was expecting exactly, but probably the camera or camera roll, ready to upload my own pic to FB.

That said It ss very familiar to a user of other social photo apps like Instagram, picplz or even the Tumblr app.

The feed easily slides down to reveal your camera roll and the option to take a shot with your camera and upload. I’m impressed with the ability to select multiple images to add to one post and crop and add a filter to each image on the fly.

The filter functionality is nice and simple, very similar to instagram though with less dramatic filters at this stage.

Final thoughts

I’m imporessed with this first offering, and I think it is their best app so far.

I am however seriously wondering about the fragmentaion of Facebook on iOS with all the new apps available. It is getting hard to know which one to use when. I’ll be interested to talk to users to see how this pans out.